Natural resources

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Natural resources- These are the products of ecological, biological and geological processes that satisfy human needs. This term is widely used in human geography. and signifies the functional utility that is attached to certain elements of the natural world by various social groups.
Eg: Coal, Water

They may be important for several reasons:
  1. Direct consumption
  2. Important for the maintenance of life or economic production (Eg Maintenance of Biodiversity)
  3. Ethical, Aesthetic, Ecological Values attached to it
These natural resources, you would be 'happy' to know (if you haven't dozed off yet) into sub categories on the basis of several grounds.

  • Biotic and Abiotic resources: By far the easiest one to classify. As you already might now, Biotic resources are those which are living (Flora and fauna) and have the power of reproduction. Abiotic, on the other hand, are the productive (water and minerals, for example) and ambient (solar radiation) resources. Some of the abiotic ones can regenerate over a period of time, eg gravel and groundwater.
  • Based on the Spatial Extent of resources: The 'Ubiquities' that are those which are found anywhere on earth, such as nitrogen and oxygen. The 'localised' ones which are restrained in geography and frequency of occurrence. This may also be the case of a certain level of quality, For eg aluminium is found in several parts of the world, but the good quality usable aluminium might be restricted to only certain regions.
  • Based on whether or not they can regenerate and renew their availability in time: The 'Stock', basically the non renewables, once used they cannot unfortunately be replenished.. For eg: Oil. The 'Flow' on the other hand, are renewable.
  • Based on the mobility and how easily they can be captured: Fixed resources and Fugitives(the availability of these not controlled by human made boundaries and hence difficult to enforce exclusive ownership).


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