How I re-met my card holder

It has been a rather intense few days finishing up my first assignment and hence I have not been able to update you about how I re-found the love of my life (Read for further details.. lol)..

So a little recap in case you can't be bothered to read it.
This is the position in which I found it!
I went to the Birkbeck (the University a few steps away from my College) Library to study as I was going nowhere with my essay and just getting constantly distracted. Of course as it happens to me, I got fascinated by the books they had in their library (related to the essay topic of course) and found myself wandering a little (important point) around where I was sitting with a friend. Come six p.m and I was ready to head home, when I realized my card holder which contained my newly issued Birkbeck library card along with my SOAS ID and Oyster was not in any of my pockets. Now those of you who know me will definitely think- 'So what's new'.. I mean, I am rather infamously known to be clumsy and forgetful and chaotic.. But oh well, so I frantically empty out my ten kilos heavy laptop bag, check and recheck each pocket, under my table, on the carpet everywhere.. I retrace my steps around the library, but no luck..

So there I was, worried as ever but admittedly finding the situation tragically hilarious and hoping somewhere in my heart that all of this would in the near future be a funny anecdote I share with people and not something I repented about after spending a good hundreds replacing them and getting another yearly bus travel pass.

But for that evening, repentance it was. With a 0.40p Oyster a friend loaned me, I got to the bus stop only to realize I would need to top up more money into it to get home. And this is where my stubborn side stepped on the accelerator and decided- it was my fault that I lost it, so it is I who will suffer for it. An hour and fifteen minutes of brisk walking and intense thinking and replaying of the day later, I found myself in my room with aching muscles and a pounding heart..

The whole night, I was troubled as to where I could possibly have lost my cardholder. After several tosses and turns on my bed, a possibility struck me- what if my card had fallen out of my pocket and it slipped under one of the book racks or trolleys I wasted time looking at? Well, I was not going to find out anytime soon, for the next day I spent waiting, pressing f5 and refreshing my email, waiting, for the library or reception to tell me they had found it.. Bless my kind friends who that day also helped me out by asking around for my cards on campus while I was helplessly waiting in my room the whole morning..

How I met your mother- best show ever btw!
Come evening I knew I had to take some positive action and make one last attempt at finding it.. I knew if it was not in the library for certain, this tale was more likely to be a tragic story ending in farewell, and not the funny anecdote I so wanted it to be..

So off I went, to Birkbeck library.. After much asking around, and then getting a day pass and being told I would have to even pay for a new Birkbeck card (as if I would ever visit that cursed place again, PFFFT).. I searched and searched, with a pounding heart and much praying in my head (Dear God, if I find this, I will pray every night and be a good girl, I promise sorts).. Those souls in Birkbeck, who saw a creepy girl on her knees looking under bookshelves and in the nooks and corners of your library, now you know what it was about.. Anyhow after much searching, brushing aside bits of paper and cola bottles under bookshelves (Birkbeck, have you ever considered cleaning your floor?), I gave up. That was it, some mean soul had taken my cards and ruined my life.. How could they....

Oh wait, while I was about to leave, I crossed a book trolley and while I cursed myself and all the people who might have taken the card, I saw something yellow and white under it.. With chanting of prayers in my head and many 'Please let this be, let this be's in my head, I walked towards it... and picked it up.. saw the familiar 'doesn't look like me' passport photo on the two cards... and I squealed with joy (in my head of course. I was in a library for god's sake).. I could not hide my grin as I walked back to SOAS.. I wanted to burst into song and dance.. and have an acceptance speech where I thanked everyone for getting me to that moment where I was reunited with my card holder..

But of course this is real life, not a drama about 'How I re-met my card holder', so library I went, thinking about how I just had to feature this somewhere, about how I lost my card holder in my clumsiness and found it again and lived to tell the tale..


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