An Ode to my (lost) card holder

It's true I took you for granted,
There I was thinking, 
You were safe in my coat pocket,
And oh yee, I have lost you.
If you came back,
I swear I would treat you right.
I would make a place for you
In my possessions,
And never let go of you again.

Absence does make the heart go fonder.
The whole way I walked home,
Since you had my Oyster,
And all I could think of,
Was how I should have cared for you a bit more.

I recall the last time I saw you,
And I only wish I could turn back time,
And keep you zipped up in my bag.

You had in you things that were so important to me,
Now I wonder how I will visit those places again,
The Library, The JCR,
Damn my carelessness.
You know I repent it already,
Forgive me just this time.

Come back to me.
I need you now.


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