The tale of Tick and Tock

Started with a Hi,
Ended with a Goodbye.
A story as old as Time.
Ah Time, ruthless Time.
It wears thin, the bonds that hold us together.
We spill out the words "Forever',
At any chance that we get.
Time stands at a distance,
And mockingly laughs at our naive selves.
We brush it off as the folly of time,
Not comprehending the omnipresence of its Tick tock.
Time has many friends, you see,
Trust and Faithfulness are not one of them.
They stand warily, looking at Time,
Their faces betraying the animosity they feel.
We try to slip away from Time's watchful glare,
But no matter where we go.
All we hear are the echoes of Tick and Tock. 

P.S I have been meaning to write something for a while, but was running out of ideas. Good Old Pinterest provided me with some Writing prompts. For today, I have chosen-Started with a Hi,
Ended with a Goodbye.


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