World Tourism Day in Andro

I have always wanted to attend cultural events in Manipur. It saddens me so that I know almost nothing about my home-state and its very rich culture and heritage.

 It was therefore no surprise to anyone that I jumped at the opportunity to attend the World Tourism day event at Andro. My mother was rather finicky about sending me to a music festival considering the fondness some Manipuris have for booze, and their inability to act civil after downing gallons of it. But the desperation I displayed paid off its dividend and finally with my father's stamp of approval (with the condition that I am accompanied by a hockey-team sized squad), I found myself sardine tin-packed in our car heading to Andro. Of course, the sheer size of the squad brought with it its own problems. The day was rather filled with a lot of waiting- for food, for people to get ready, for people to come out, etc. But none of it could dampen our spirits.

The venue in itself was breathtaking; in the Santhei National park, caressed by hills on three sides, and the stage set in the middle of a water body. There was a considerable crowd already there, soaking in the atmosphere; a feeling of excitement, just like the kind we were feeling.

The event itself was well organized if you ignored the fact that it was literally running as per INDIAN standard time. I am not complaining about that because it meant, even though we finally turned up to the venue at 1.30pm, we still got to see the traditional segment (which was supposed to have been done and dusted with by 12).

And while I cannot remember the name of the singers or the comedians who performed that day, I can remember the pride I felt to belong here. And I guess that is why organizing such events is important- to provide a sort of connect and attachment across generations to the land.
For months, what had occupied the minds of those here in Manipur was agitation and anger, protests and dissatisfaction. To have such an event after the long drawn out negativity was refreshing. 


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