I hate confrontation of any kind. I dread that feeling of anger and resentment towards someone, and the ensuing yell-contests. I hate cold wars, and the awkwardness they bring. If I had my way, everybody would co-exist peacefully and amicably.

After decades (two and a half to be precise) of being in the crossfire of wars, and sometimes being a warring party (an oxymoron!), I have come to the realization that the root cause of all these battles is ego. Damn Ego, causes rifts in the deepest of friendships. Ego is that little voice in your head that goes- Don't let her/him get her/his way, Make him/her feel the wrath of your anger, Let her/him realize his/her folly in bringing you down. That's the thing about ego- it convinces you in that moment, that this battle is essential for your whole existence; that you need to win this argument to live a happily ever after sort of a life.

What is so hard about apologizing, of calling a truce? Why does Ego have to be such a stiff bastard that it won't let you rise above the pettiness and resume your amicable relationship with the person.

I am no die-hard fan of Buddha, but I see a point in his 'Let things go' preachings. Or even Gandhi's Turn the other cheek principle. I might not be able to be that big of a person (or a fool?) to turn the other cheek, but I can, with a lot of self-restraint (oodles of it) hide my rather reddened-from-the-slap cheek and shake hands. I might be cursing you deep down for the slap, but on the surface, all smiles. The anger will dissolve itself in the depths of my good-feelings vibes someday, and one day it will not matter any more.
That's why they say- Fake it till you make it.. Right?


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