Wretched. Some thoughts on the ILP issue.

I find myself in a sort of house arrest due to all the protests demanding for the ILP, a never ending tirade of drama and suspense.
My heart is torn between feeling sympathy for the protestors who perceive ILP as the one solution of all our problems, and disgust at how blind these people can get.

Peaceful protests are alright and necessary if one believes in the cause. But to bash up the mayangs, snatch their money and tear down their shops etc is just not tolerable.
We must not forget ourselves and lock up our humane side while being swayed by this seemingly great cause.

I feel such a great deal of sadness in how narrow sighted we have become. Something has caused us to become so violent, so angry at everything; those who don the khaki from amongst us have also not hesitated to show their animalistic side.

This ILP will drive the mayangs away and bring us all the prosperity in the world. We will be the 'victors', forcing the State to succumb to our demands. Or we will not. And life will continue again. But how will we look ourselves in the mirror everyday, having robbed some of their means of livelihood; of having driven them away from a place they have perceived as their home for decades.

Will this hostility we exhibit with so much pride know to rest its ugly face when all is done and dusted.. Or wil it always manifest itself, having slayed whatever conscience we have left in our wretched selves?


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