Truth tea

This world tires me, with all its bullshit about optimism and passion, and the need for chasing one's dreams. The world's manuals rant about how the universe conspires to give us what we want and how we are all special and we are here for a reason and blah blah blah. And yet, there are many like me, filled to the brim with doubts. No answers, only questions. Many, seduced by the colourful hues of hope and the invincibility of dreams, often forget how harsh this rainbow-shitting world can be. How it is only one in every hundred dreams that is fulfilled. The remaining ninety nine turn to dust, floating around, wishing to be heard; brushed off from trophies and laurels that grace the abodes of the victors.
The truth of the matter is- no one gives a crap about the zillion tea sellers in India, and when a man comes to power claiming to be an ex-tea seller, the world's never diminishing ego swells- they scream themselves hoarse- "Look here, see what we did- we made a tea seller the prime minister of the world's largest democracy." They feed us more and more of the 'never give up, have some hope, aspire' bullshit.
People talk about how fatal the problem of drug addiction is. I agree. Look at the effect of hope and optimism on the world's failed human beings. Look at the empty depths of their eyes, their wary smiles. Look at their wasted away hands. Drugs kill. Not just their bodies, but their very souls.


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