ILP- some thoughts.

No I will not keep calm and support the ILP:

The posts that I see on Facebook have literally made my blood boil.

Firstly the use of school children in these protests-
What part of this article really justifies 'involving' school children in this seemingly ever so needed quest for the all-problems solving potion of ILP which would magically make all the 'evil' migrants go away and bring job opportunities galore to the Manipuris.

School children are vulnerable, prone to be brain washed by these tides of violence. It's not fair for them to face the brunt of the crackdown on protests.

A more productive solution would be a peaceful discourse on the real issue here- migration and its threat to a small state like Manipur.

The solution lies not in the imposition of an Inner Line permit system, but rather would involve social and economic measures.
Let's face it, Migration is a ground reality in today's highly globalised world. People will flock to places where there are jobs available, and nothing can really stop them from grabbing these jobs, not even the Inner Line Permit.
The reason labourers from North India come to Manipur is because Meiteis either do not have the skills or are unwilling to do manual work.

If we want to change that, let's focus more on things like vocational training and developing the required skills. It's as simple as that.

Also, some fun facts for you-

Fact: ILP was introduced to protect British residents and interests in North east India, and not really to protect the indigenous people of the North eastern states.

Fact: ILP hasn't solved the migrant issue in MiNA. It's merely a permit system, not a pesticide. As has been seen in Nagaland etc, the issue of illegal migrants still persists.

Fact: Most school children hungry for a cause to fight for join such protests blindly or are pressurised by agitation groups to do so. Either way, they are vulnerable. Stop exploiting them.


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