We live in a world where information comes cheap and fast, one swipe of the refresh button on our smartphones allows us to zoom across all latitudes and longitudes of the globe in search of read-worthy news.

Our social media friends also go to great efforts to share nuggets of information on our Facebook timelines and Twitter feeds.

Whoever said information comes free though, each swipe and click informs us of deaths, thousands each day; most in the name of particular man made social segregations.

Variations in Faith and ethnicity often comes at a very heavy price for some, destroying homes and generations in a matter of minutes, eliminated by those who see themselves as warriors or protectors of some sort.

All we see through the bright screens of our phones are figures, the sufferers exist  far far away, at least in terms of emotional distance.

Tens and hundreds have long ceased to be seen as 'worrisome' figures, for they are wiped out even before our fingers can 'refresh' the news window on our phones.


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