The frail old lady in A4 #myRoleModel

When people pass by Room A4 in the Government hospital of Imphal, they will see an old frail lady, surrounded by her closest kin. Weak as she is, she gives all those who visit her, her full attention. She asks each one how they are doing and whether all is well at home.
She greets the doctors and nurses with a smile, thanking them for visiting her.

My grandmother, or Boma as I call her, from the earliest of my memory has always been like this. She has survived it all, be it the Second World War, her being married off to a stranger at the tender age of 12, or raising all of her eight children by herself;  and most importantly she has done it with grace. When I think of role models,  she is the first that comes to mind, with her mind blowing strength and spirit of sacrifice.

Boma has not had the happiest life,  and not a day goes by without me wishing her sorrow and worries would magically disappear. Surely,  a kind hearted person like her doesn't deserve a fraction of all that she has been put through. 

And yet, the way she handles each barrier put in front of her, is a life lesson for all. With her unquestioned faith in God and all that He has in store for her, she has gracefully handled an abusive husband and having to support her ever growing family of three generations.
When I ask her how she does it all, how she's able to smile and live through it all, all she says is that this is her destiny, and she is thankful for all that He has given her. Such is my grandmother,  an epitome of faith and positivity.

It's her belief in me that keeps me motivated, her lifelong dream of seeing me with flying colours that keeps me focused. It is all that she has  been through that makes me strive to give her the life that she deserves.
My grandmother is not just my role model, she is my friend and my guide.

When you pass by Room A4, I ask only this, please don't merely see the frail old lady, but see the victory in the struggle for life she epitomizes.  See the hurdles she has so successfully crossed. See the three generations of human beings she raised, teaching them all the life lessons of grace and humanity, of inner strength and poise.

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