An essential ingredient in the Metamorphosis to a butterfly

"Papaaaa", screamed the little girl of four as she jumped from, what to her seemed liked a mountain of a bed. Her father, a handsome young man of thirty five, used to her antics simply reached out his arms to 'rescue' her.

Years on, the girl, then a ten year old, swallowed the lump in her throat as she attempted to execute the tear free farewell she had been mentally preparing herself for. But seeing her father walk away, beyond the gates of her boarding school was too much for her. She ran, as fast as her little limbs could go, to hug him just one more time.There was no controlling her tears anymore. And like always, there was her father, to reassure her, with his warm hug and gentle voice, telling her that it would all be okay. And like always, she believed him.

The letters her father wrote to her were not the usual "how are you doing, we are good" kinds that she got from everyone else, instead, his were filled with words of wisdom, of lessons to learn in life.

As the little caterpillar metamorphised into a butterfly, she was guided by the love of her father. It was not merely his reassuring words, it was in seeing his whole life in perspective. He was a police officer of integrity, who believed in changing lives for the better. Wherever he was posted, he would do all he could to make a difference to those around him.

The girl sought to emulate her father in deed and action, to remember the priceless lessons he has taught her over the years. She knew that if she could be half the person he was, she would go far in life.

Years on, as I look into the mirror, I see a daughter who thinks the world of her father, for he has helped her through the ups and downs of her life, he has given to her the wings to pursue the dreams she has dreamed, and the zeal needed to achieve them.

He has been the essential ingredient in her metamorphosis to a young butterfly, with goals to achieve.

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  1. Hey Serena, this one's truly beautiful and emotional. Made me remember my Papa!


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