The Chronicles of the Lals, the Moo and the Sege

The Lals, the Moo and the Sege,
Oh where do I start, this tale of glee.

We share a lot of things in common,
But then again, we could not have been bigger polar opposites of each other.
There's the Moo, she's a social snob,
There's then the Lals, forever the social butterfly (though she would never admit it),
and then there's Sege (me), who's just plain socially awkward.
And yet somehow we find ourselves in a sort of symbiosis.
Thriving in the companionship of each other.

We first met in a Boarding school far far away from each of our homes,
And as they say,
Nothing has been the same since.
From Moo, nerdy soul that she is,
I hope to derive- The drive to succeed, the inspiration to strive.
And in Lals I admire, the cheer and the jolliness.
The positivism and the Practical Reasoning.

Lals, Moo and I have faced numerous hurdles in each of our lives,
And through it all, we have shepherded each other.

When Moo, who is a 'Sciencie', just could not gulp down the Environmental Studies book
In time for the Board Examinations of Class 12,
There was I, the self proclaimed Environmental Studies veteran, to help her swallow it in bunches.
When I could not understand the complexities of the Algebraic equations and Trigonometric problems,
There was Lals, to break it down, in the most patient way only she knows how.

These dependencies, needless to say, goes on and on.
To the point that we can only be independent from everyone else, because we are so dependent on each other.

True Friendships, they say, is hard to find,
And with each passing year, I realize just how true the saying is.
And with each Tick-tock of the clock,
I realise just how fortunate I am to find these two Looney Besties of mine.


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