Recharge your hair- recharge your life..Eh?

The hair. Epitome of all that life is about. Just a strand, like the minutes of the day, is insignificant.
But bring them together, and ah, the possibilities.
(I felt the need to illustrate the
I hope I have not been alone with many of the misfortunes that has struck me when I have trustingly entrusted the fate of my hair into the hands of numerous hairstylists who claimed to know what they were doing..
Twenty minutes later, and my friends and family are laughing at what has become of my hair, and what it has done to my face.

Growing up thus, I have come to realise the great significance the mop of hair on my head has on the visuals exuded by me. We live in an increasingly documented life; friends, family and whoever we meet insist on that one picture (or sometimes a whole album) to shamelessly share with the entire Facebook community. In such a case, it really does not help to have a 1960's haircut in modern times such as this (Believe me, I have been through that too).

What is life about, but reinventing oneself. Constantly, like the clich├ęd line that goes- change is the only thing constant in this world. And since there is not much we can do with the face and figure, but the hair.. possibilities galore!
True, we live in the world of rhinoplasty, botox and all that jazz, but really, can these things come at the price of a few hundred bucks?

I live in a fantasy world, the melodramatic and petulant child that I am. In a life such as this, I have many a roles to play.

Mundane, studious UPSC aspirant by day, and a chic undercover agent by night. Her hair, a blank canvas for her to etch her moods on.

Okay Okay, you got me, not exactly a chic undercover; but seriously, the role of that bouncy hair I so desire, or the sleek laid back style I go ga ga over in fashion magazines.

Through the many hair misfortunes of mine, and a few lucky fortunes, I have come to realise the role the hairstyle aesthetics plays on the confidence of a person. Just look at the heroes and heroines in the movies for example. Apart from a few exceptions such as Salman in Tere Naam (I still shudder seeing him that way), we can agree that the hair certainly adds to the Oomph factor exuded by the glamorous.. Heroines with long luxurious manes flying behind them while they run through mustard fields and what not.. See?
They never show them with oil drenched middle parted hair, do they?

Soak the words of wisdom, dear Reader. Float with the times. To recharge thy hair is to regenerate thyself, to find the new confident you within.

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  1. Regenerate thyself ,
    Nice thought ,
    Love the doodle ,
    All the best.

  2. Thank you so much Disha! :)


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