Holiday Blues

As the years go by, slowly the magic that surrounded the once important days- the birthdays, Christmas, New Year's has faded away.
Constantly there's only a feeling of indifference and the perpetual excuse - It is just another day of the year..

I do not know yet if it is a good thing as such, for I long for the good old days when these holidays held so much promise and excitement. For now, it is becoming increasingly difficult to distinguish one day from the other, and even worse, I am beginning to dread the big D days of the year.

My birthday, for which I would look forward to months away has now become a chore- the greetings, the 'surprises', the 'Oh it's your special day, we'll do whatever you want's..

I can't help but wonder what does this indifference means for the person that I have become.. Does this mean I am getting older? Or does it simply mean I am losing myself to the mundaneness of life?


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