System failure

There's a sense of frustration, an anguish,
A sense of justice undelivered,
Several wrongs not made right,
And mostly of voices unheard.

Pages of the newspaper reveal the angered masses, asking for a retaliation, for a show of solidarity from the side of the government.
Let down. Let down is what they are.

Votes. Votes is what they answer to,
Not the screams of anger,
Not the cries of the victims.
Not the alarms that ring,
Signalling the pre-eminent end of humanity.


  1. if you don't mind me asking, where did you study? i ain't no crazy stalker, just another 18-yr-old gal looking for inspiration... i've only read 3-4 posts, and i get a certain i'm-gonna-take-this-world-by-storm vibe from you... i wish i had that too. and 'the voice' that you've talked about, i listened to that once and found myself in j&k pursuing architecture !!!it's been a confusing 1st semester, but, i know i'll need to find that place in my head that'll convert my thoughts and inspirations into lines on paper.. this is me reaching out, to find the same.

    1. Being the forgetful person that I am. I forgot if I typed that out as a new comment or as a reply to your comment. Anyway. I have replied!! Lol

  2. Hey Hiranya, thank you so much for taking the time to read my blog. I have studied in a couple of places- Dehra dun. Manchester. London. Trust me, I don't necessarily have that take this world by storm attitude that you describe. But reading your comment makes Me feel like you do.
    It's great that you are pursuing what you love and that you believe in yourself.. its going to take you places for sure. Good luck.! Do keep in touch.. :)



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