A life in fear

We live in a world today, where atrocities committed against women are a daily feature in newspapers.. a society where now every girl has to be warned about the big bad world who spares none..

Reading these hair raising accounts of the turmoils faced by women in different parts of the country arises in me a fear.. a fear of what lies in store for a nation which has lost its respect for its women, whose institutions have failed to deliver much needed justice against those who infringe on the rights of others to live and whose leaders have remained silent spectators to the crimes which have become daily occurrences in our streets..

In a country such as this, where lies our sense of security.. is there any place that remains which we can call our safe haven.. where we do not have to live in fear..

When will the humans in us awaken, when will we rise as one voice, when will the heros emerge... And when will we be able to roam the streets of our nation deserting the bleak fear that capture our souls...


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