Breaking point

At breaking point we stay,
Smashes you hit,
Shots I defend.
What a precarious position,
We find ourselves in.

What's to say,
What the winner takes,
For will there ever emerge,
A winner out of this damn mess.

A fine entanglement it is,
Twisting me in knots,
I want to be free,
I scream, or I think I do,

Yet no one hears me.
Or do they,
And are they just drowning,
Drowning out my cries,
In the mundaneness of their silly lives.

Commentors there are aplenty,
They wail or jump in jubiliation,
With every shot we play.
Yet umpires there are none.


  1. Long time no posting?

    I see you have used MY quote in your 'About Me' gadget ;) This is what i'm talking about

    1. Your quote? Lol. I call it *literary freedom*.. been busy with things. No time to write :(

  2. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.


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