spreading some love..

picture from the internet

what does it take,
to not look at people from the tinted glasses of hate,
to not judge so quickly,
and brush off their pluses,
and focus on their negatives.
we all have our insecurities,
we all like to keep them masked.
why then do we choose,
to attack people and lash out, 
poking at the wrongs,
and making them feel miserable.
what joy is there to be had,
in putting someone down.
if at all, two or more words is to be spent,
spend it on praise and encouragement,
love and support.
can we say it enough,
life’s too short to live in hate.
instead chose love.. focus on the ones you love.
don’t indulge in hate.
else someday your conscience will wake,
now or later, surely it will,


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