people watching

Oxford, February 2012
The bus paused at another step, and a river of people flooded into the aisles of the bus- adding more specimens for me to observe from my corner. People fascinate me in their entirety. Complexities of each individual- and how they all form communities of what at a superficial level function seem like minded individuals but are really in themselves individual in character..
We walk past hoards of people each day, they bump into us on crowded pavements, they amble alongside us on our way to class.. We analyse each, immediately categorizing them into 'safe' and 'dangerous'. Atleast I do. The dangerous ones are the shabbily dressed, scruffy or suspicious looking individuals you immediately want to cross the road and avoid. The others well, are safe..
We observe their mannerisms, and these in turn lets us delve into our own interpretations of what it could be that led them to be how they are today.


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