golden cage

Tell me to be the best version of myself,
Tell me you will never compare me to any,
Never make me feel so insecure,
Never make me bitter.
I do not want to be those things.
All I ask is for you to love and accept me as I am.

Encourage me to pull myself up from every pitfall,
But don't push me onto sky high mountains,
Expecting me to scale each one.
Be patient with me.
I might be taking baby steps,
But surely I am getting somewhere.
Don't make me doubt that.

Don't spell out the goals you would like me to achieve,
That only makes me want to be defiant.
Instead be proud of whatever little I achieve myself,
I know it's not a lot, and sometimes you want more.
But I am only little me, still discovering myself.

Respect me enough to give me some space,
Don't choke me in my golden cage,
Allow me to writhe and fly free,
I will come back to you.
Bigger, stronger, wiser.


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