girl in the mirror

And at the end of the day, when we look at ourselves in the mirror, are we proud of what we see?
Are we happy with the choices we have made and the baggage we left behind?
Are we satisfied with the things we have ended up with?
Or do we want to go back and make changes?
Isn't that what life is about?
Choices and decisions.

I think back,
Life takes me on museum trips,
I see the people I have chosen to surround my life with,
I look at the times I stuck by their side,
And the times I snuck out at their darkest hour,
I have done things I am not proud of.
Conscience comes in its white robe,
Haunting me, nagging me to press 'Undo'..

And yet I ignore it,
We are all human,
Good and bad decisions are as predictable,
As the flipping of a coin,
Probability is 50-50,
But when does one really know which is which..


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