A feeling of restlessness seems to have overcome me of late, listlessly watching the seconds on the clock tick as I do next to nothing. Books lie piled up in assorted stacks on my table, abandoned and ignored, chiding me with their silent stares. They must know too that I will regret this later.

halong bay, september 2010
I had such a haunting dream the other night. I was in Goa, with my mother and some relatives. There was parasailing and there was boating in what looked like a lake. There we were, my mother and I in this boat. I kept seeing my old friends boating around too. I would wave to them, and we would exchange pleasantries.

The place was beautiful, there were island cliffs on all sides much like what I had seen months ago in Halong bay. The lake seemed to be part of some of a zoo too. There were penguins perched on some of the rocks which jutted on the surface of the lake. I seemed to be feeling anxious, my camera was with one of the others who was not on our boat. When I finally managed to find it, I was all too eager to capture the beauty of the place.

Then all of a sudden, the people around us disappeared. There was just me in that big lake with penguins. I looked around, panicking to find that everybody had gone, I did not know where. I turned frantically to my mother, telling her we were the only ones left, but she did not seem to care. I guided the boat faster, around the cliffs, all scared on the inside. And all I saw were penguins and more islands.

And with that I woke up, still all scared and anxious.


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