to be happy

It is the beginning of the year and therefore time to bring out the diary.. scribble out what you would like or not like in this new year.. think about the year gone by and what you would like to change or keep for this year..
I will write mine right here..

I once read somewhere about the reply John Lennon gave as a kid when he was asked the question 'What do you want to be when you grow up'.. He just said 'happy'.. Not 'engineer'. Not 'doctor'. Not 'Prime Minister'.
I think that is all there is to life- to be happy.. We often lose track of this very notion of just being happy and get so caught up in a maze of ambitions that we forget to take a breath and remember why we are there in the first place.
There are so many people out there, trying to pull people down, trying to tell them they are useless. They go on Youtube and twitter and all sorts of social media to bring down celebrities, or even hurl abuses at passer-bys on the road... Seeing it just makes me feel for these people- what must have happened to them to make them so venomous, to lash out their anger on people they do not know..

This world is a bitter place. Every corner reeks of failed dreams and 'could-have-been's.. In our rat race to success, we lose sight of simple things, and spend our lives wanting to fast-forward time and not living each moment. I wish there would be a time when people made it their dream to just be happy, not rich, not powerful, just happy..
It is a difficult thing, being happy. Living in the moment. Cherishing time and loved ones. It is made more difficult when we try to balance it with our sky-high dreams of becoming someone important or someone with a job we can flaunt in family gatherings.. We begin to want pay checks with half a dozen zeroes, we begin to want swanky apartments and shiny cars.. We get sucked into a spiral of big dreams and forget all that really matters in life.

Maybe once a while we should just step back, take in the environment, live in the 'now'.. Think of the things more important than the material things..

So this year, all that I want is to be happy. full stop. 


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