shades of grey

My father says a lot of wise things.. Sometimes I wish there was a tape recorder in my head so that I could record all that he says and play it back time and again when I am in need of comfort. 

Today he talked to me about his childhood days, the barriers he overcame and the importance of hard work. And a line he said stuck in my head- We come in 
different shades of grey..we pick our

own colours as we grow older.. It is so true.. All of us do not start off in the race track from the same starting point.. Some of us are born with advantages over others.. And yet, what we make of this race of life depends all on us. We could choose to build up our endurance and stamina, and sprint all the way to the finish line and make something out of our lives.. Or we could dilly-dally and stroll, wasting away all the opportunities that God has handed to us..


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