lost bird. doesn't know which way to fly. being told- this way. no, that way. feels so lost.
wants to explore the world. longs to unfurl the little dreams it holds inside. looks inwards but finds white noise. outside. the cacophony of noises drowns out its little squeaks. 

little bird. feels so average. big dreams hover over its head. loved ones have such big hurdles they want it to cross. deep down, it hesitates scared. it knows it needs to fly, but it knows not the capacity of its little wings. can it get it as far as others want it to go, or will it crash and burn. 

hopeful bird. wants to dream. wants to discover. wants to achieve. what, it knows not. 
flutters around hoping for an answer. answer it finds not. 

how long will this go on? 
does this foolish bird know not,
the early bird catches the worm.


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