Reminiscing about my days with Angie

I have not thought of her as much as I ought to.. She was my first best friend and probably I will never find another as giving as she was.. I do not know how old she was when I was born, but as far back as my memory goes, she was there to run around me and look at me with those deep brown eyes.

Angie was her name, or NG as I thought her name was as a kid.. It was only later when I was in boarding school that I realised the significance of the name my parents had given her. She was a German Shepherd and living up to that name, she was very protective of all those she thought of as her pack..

I remember days when we would play hide and seek, of course the team with Angie always won..
Of course she was not as helpful when it came to other things.. She would bury towels, cutlery and anything else that she could get her paws on in her house.. She did not let one stranger inside her gate, having her ensured that they (and cats of course) stayed at least a mile away from her house..

What I miss the most about Angie though is how she would circle our home every day, tirelessly, ensuring we were all safe inside.. how I could look into her eyes and tell her about my childish troubles, and she would look right back like she understood.. how she made one lonely kid feel like she was not alone, that she had a best friend waiting for her when she got back home from school..

I regret that I was too young to understand her worth.. that I did not spend as much time as I would have liked with her.. I regret that I could never find a way to express to her just what she meant to me.. and that we let her down towards the end of her life by letting her stay at a family friend's place...

It's been years since Angie left my side, and yet I still think about her from time to time.. I pray and hope that she found a great place up there.. where she does not get terrified by the sound of crackers.. where she has more than enough bones to chew for years to come.. and where she can frolick and chase as many cats and mice as she wants..

There was and will never be a greater friend than Angie.. 


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