learning from loved ones

On the bus back home, I found myself thinking about my loved ones, each of them far away from where I am and yet being held close to my heart.. Their love getting me through each day.
Pon and Zi cartoon- sums up what I feel  :)
I realized that each of them had a special quality or two or even more that I wished I had, that each had that something which I hope I can emulate in some way atleast some day..

From my mother, I would like Courage,
Courage to face all opponents head on and never take No for an answer, 
Also, the strength to always be there for her family and friends through thick and thin.

From my father, Patience.
Patience to meet each day with a smile and to take joy in small things.
To look at each day as a gift and to never grumble or question what is dealt to you,
Instead to embrace it and make the most of it.

From my grandmother Boma and my aunt Toae, Unconditional love,
The way they love those in their lives no matter how they are treated,
How they are able to see the best versions of people,
Also, to always believe in the gods, and never to forget to remember them in times of trials and tribulations

From each of my friends, I learn different things,
From Moo, to keep alive the thirst of knowledge and to always remain curious,
From Lala, to remember to never forget to squeal and laugh without restraints,
From Nand, to appreciate people in our lives, to always let them know how great they are,
From Hedgehog, to bring out the inner child in us from time to time, or all the time, 
From my KOM in Manchester, to just stay kids, to always find ways of connecting with people,
That studies are  not the only things that matter in life, just sitting together and talking for hours is.

From each, I learned one thing or the other.
And I often find myself thinking,
About what I might be bringing to their lives.
I hope I bring a little joy,
Like they have brought to mine.
I hope I bring love too,
To give them the strength to brush past difficulties,
The way each one of them has supported me in each of their special ways.

Most of all, I hope I can grow to even be half the great human beings that they are.


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