If I could, I would go back and do it all over again..

So I think about those times a lot.. and the plot of most of my dreams seems to be focused on my Welham days.. It's been four years and the thread which binds me to that hallowed place still has not worn out by the spaces of time. I seem to live most of my life now in rewind motion.. I seem to think only of the days gone by, which I guess is because the future is only a question mark..

Oh how I miss my school!
Welham.. Like all other memories, I only realise how precious the years I spent there were now.. I am finally beginning to understand why my parents gathered up the courage to send their only child far away from the comforts of their home to a small town in Northern India..

Being an only child means growing up feeling that the world revolves around you; closed ones always telling you how wonderful you are, fending you off from all things bad in the world, and protecting you.. They are there to hold you when you have a bad dream, there to cook or get you all that you need, put up with your tantrums and ensure you study and get the right grades..

Boarding school to such a child is really an eye opener. For the first time in your world, you realise that after all, you are just a tiny dot on the surface of the world and you are alone essentially to fight for your dreams and get your fair share of stuff. The school team does not always have a place for you, unlike those birthday games you played at home, where everybody cheered and make sure you had a seat while playing musical chairs. In boarding school, the laurels are your own. You work hard, getting into competitions by yourself and when you win them, its you who gets the applause, and there's the true feeling that you earned it.. You also realise your potential, what you can or cannot do better than others your age.. You, by seeing them dream their dreams and working hard to get there, are inspired to do the same..
Along the way, you meet like minded people, and the bonds you have with them are strengthened by the fact that you spend every waking hour together.. you play the same sports, work together for the same teams, frown and eat the same food, and doze off together in the same classes. And through this, you find yourself forming durable life long bonds with these people.. eight years together is a long time by any standards.. especially because these years are the crucial ones in the formation of one's character..

Towards the end of those boarding school years, I found myself trying to squeeze in each and every memory in my mind, because I realised just how important they were to me.. The teachers, the friends, the things I learned..
I cried the first day my parents left me in that place, because I was so scared of being alone in that strange world. And I cried on the last day because I was so scared of being alone in this strange world. Eight years, Welham took eight years of my life, and life was never ever the same.


  1. Boarding school life is like that. U hate to come first and u hate to leave at the end . But its the most cherished and memorable. Those house spirit and after that representing for school and all those fun in district in Doon School. I think its the experience of life tim.....but lifes moves on and i think we all have to move but what i have is that experince and those fond memories..... Posted a vide for those who still miss school http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wbh8MkI9zo4

  2. I love that song.. and also http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9317gBi-v-g :)


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