freedom from freedom

(I wish I took this picture, but I didnt. I found it on the Internet)
My father once told me- you know, Bem.. When you are busy in life, you wish for freedom. When you are in school, you wish you didn't have to study, you wish you didn't have exams.. But once you get that freedom, you won't like it anymore. You will want things to do..

How wise were those words. I just submitted my essays, and here I am in my room, Free as a bird. But I don't feel the exaltation I thought I would be feeling. I feel restless, like I want my next essay to be due soon, so that I am occupied with something, and then can waste time and feel like I am indulging..

What is it about doing things you are not supposed to, like eat that extra slice of cake, or procrastinate for that extra hour when you have a presentation due..


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