full stop

I am afraid of dying. They say those who are afraid to die are the people who have not lived life at all. I disagree. Those who have a life worth living are those who are afraid of how it can all end in the blink of the eye.
We do not know how far away we really
are from our destination.. 
Just outside King's Cross Station, a young 24 year old cycling to university was hit by a lorry..Now every day as I cross the site on my way to university, the white painted bicycle at the pedestrian crossing with bouquets of flowers and messages for her remind me of how fleeting life is. She was just like any of us, rushing to get to her classes, How fast it all ended for her, how fast her life became a full stop.. and now all that remains in her memory in London is a white bicycle laden with flowers.. My friend just yesterday told me of her class mate who died in a road accident in Manchester.
It is disturbing to think of death lurking around us all the time. The lives we lead sometimes gives us a false notion of our invincibility.. we are fooled into thinking we have our whole lives to plan ahead of us..  How today might be the last day of our lives.. 


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