development studies whirlpool

As I delve further and further in Development Studies and actually get the opportunity to hear wise souls like Ha Joon Chang speak about the issues that the world faces today, the more I realize just how complicated we have made our world.. We have tangled up our feet among all the strings and ropes we have created to support a system which increasingly churns out new problems and challenges.

Ponderings while writing my essay. This picture was taken in
Chester in April 2011
The result is that students who attempt to dip a toe or two to get a hang of what these issues are all about are sucked into a whirlpool of complications from which there is no escape.. The smart ones do understand that the best way to score good marks is to begin and end every thesis is: 'The *insert thesis topic here* is faulty and has many drawbacks. There are not many mechanisms to address this challenge. *Insert dysfunctional options here* are also unable to address this issue. Therefore a solution needs to be found which addresses these issues. *Insert ideological crap here*..

It's almost tragic what we have managed to do to our world.. Options are no longer as simple as they seem, and we are always having to question each step for the ulterior motives that could be behind them.

Whatever happened to a simple world where all people wanted to do was co-exist happily, be content with what they have and pursue what they wanted without grabbing things which are not theirs to begin with.. Maybe then development studies could have been put down in one page and we would not be so zapped as we are now..


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