before the clock strikes twelve

So as the clock strike 12 tonight, a new chapter of Dodo's life will begin.. Hard to believe that another year has just flown by.. Losing count of the decades I have witnessed (well not really..)..

Looking back at the past year, all I can see at the distance is graduation.. Of my efforts being rewarded with marks I was so proud of..
Graduating was also an important milestone in that it marked the end of a fun three years in Manchester- the good old KOM (friends), hardly any lectures a week, dissertation and how we spent the last few days just trying to live it all in that short span of time..

Lake district June 2011
Of course, in the past year I spent a lot of time at home, time which was greatly made worthwhile by the addition of two cousins into the family.. Reading the Bhagwat Gita with my grandmother and watch her light up also made three of the months a good one..

There was also the SOAS phase which began in September. It has been a hectic ride since, but I am coping well with it.. and hopefully I will fare well in this segment..

Last year was also one of travelling and seeing new places. Agrasen ki baoli in Delhi with very special friends, Bangalore with Lals, Jaisalmer, Scotland, Shimla, Kasauli, Lake District, Shillong...

All in all, I conclude it has been a good year.. Mixed bag of tears and laughter, nothing unusual..


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