Are you there, God?

So, yesterday while I was waiting by a set of traffic lights on my way home, two suspicious looking men stopped by and asked, 'Excuse me. Do you think God exists?'. On closer observation of these two revealed that they were holding on to a bunch of pamphlets.. one of those drives I guess to get more people to church. I of course mumbled something about being in a hurry and rushed off as soon as the pedestrian lights turned green.
While I might have been able to dodge them and get home safe, their question did not leave me in peace. All day I asked myself- did I really believe God exists?
Well, I think, we are all scared sometimes, or atleast I am, and I sort of think of God as this all knowing, omnipresent being who can save me from all things bad. I guess I am a little hypocrite sometimes in the sense that I forget to pray most days and only do so when I am scared or nervous. I pray each time the plane I am sitting in is about to take off or land, I pray everytime I have a bad dream, I pray when I am about to sit for an examination.. These things lead me to the question- Do I really think there's is that someone out there up in the heavens to look out for me.. and am I indeed being fair to Him if I only pray when I am in need of some courage, hope or luck.
I remember back in school, there was a peer in the school's garden. It was a holy place which was almost neglected by the students all times of the year except for two weeks each in the months of March and September. It was in those months that most of the school would line up to lay their offerings to the peer and pray for good marks. Another practice in school which irked me was also how idols of gods and goddesses would be kept all dusty and neglected all year around and would only be brought out, cleaned and decorated for school functions where everyone would be all pious and sing devotional songs.
These things led me to believe we can be hypocrites sometimes in the way we perceive God and our interactions with Him.


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