New city..

There is always a slight apprehension in moving into a new city. Much more if it is a gigantic city called London.
I thought having spent three years in Manchester, settling in would be a 'cuppatea'. On a superficial level, London and Manchester seem so alike- the same take away shops round every neighbourhood, the double decker buses, the black cabs, similar looking buildings.

But adjusting into a new place and adapting to its character is more of an internal challenge. London is too huge to be taken on a single platter. There is the need to get used to the oceans of people that flood the roads and carry you along in the tide, there is the complicated public transport system.. Moreover London as I mentioned before is just huge.. I am yet to explore the many corners.. the famous places such as Notting Hill, Soho, Brick Lane, Southall.. I am yet to immerse myself in its fabric, to bond with the population who has made this city their home for a year or two like me.. Yet to try the flavours, yet to admire its colours..


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