I am back.

Jumping from Environmental Management into Development Studies would be a long jump for me, I knew.. But how big of a jump is what I gravely underestimated or overestimated depending on which perspective I see it from..

Let me explain. Three years of Environmental Studies taught me a thing or two about how interrelated environment and development was.. The environmental side of the matter, I managed to probe for three whole years, grappling with big shot words such as ecological modernization and sustainable development.
These years were more about learning from practical experience and knowledge, about field trips and actual first hand experiences.

Now that I am on the other side, the journey of which has only begun these last few weeks, it's rather a long journey of flipping through pages of pages of development books. Of theories and how each of these development theories basically fail to sum up life or the question of growth. Maybe it is the modules I have chosen, but what I have found is development is seen from the tinted eye of economics. It's seen through Keynes, Smith, Ricardo and the like.

I can see that arrangements are being made, almost like a page of connecting dots.. Slowly these dots are increasing in number and soon it will be a child's play to connect them to see the world from a macro perspective. But for the moment, I am too knee deep in development perspectives to be able to zoom out and see it all.

But it is a gratifying knowledge, one that tells me all the choices I have made in life have no need to be compartmentalized. I can put them all together, see them as one.. Everything connects.. My choice of doing Humanities and Environmental studies till class 12 instead of Science or commerce, my choice of Environmental Management, and now Development studies.


  1. Hi,
    It's good to know you are studying Development Studies...I personally feel its out of those thought provoking degree programme which make you dislike many things about development and the "Capitalist" world that we live in but also gives me an opportunity to see the real side of development...the programme answers some very important questions for me...development for for whom, why n at what cost.
    I hope u learn, unlearn and enjoy the course.



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