Contacts for contact's sake.

As we walk on in this path of life, we meet an assorted bunch of people.. Some, so focused in life. They can almost draw you a map of their lives.. They have everything so well figured out. And then you meet some who almost have a question mark drawn on their faces. Who are questioning themselves about their worth and purpose in life..

I always had a desire to belong to the first group. I always wanted it all planned out, the milestones of my journey marked.. I make pit stops and then I complete certain laps within a certain period of life. It sounded like such an organised way of life, like how life is meant to be..

But then as days go by, I realize no matter how hard I try to fit in with the first group, I am always to my very soul, going to be category two. I will always be the kind who goes to the cake shop wanting a truffle cake, but on reaching the place, decide I either want black forest or pineapple or sometimes none. I always thought of this to be a bad thing.. I mean, aren't we meant to all have organizers with plans for each day marked out, the important days circled in red...walking fast among a sea of people, rushing from one place to another..
Aren't we meant to know by ten, what we want to become in life? How much money we want to earn, what car we want to own, what colour we like..

Then again, isn't there a joy in discovery.. in adventure.. in ambling along unmindful of the hoards of people that rush past you.. In smelling the scent of the air.. In challenging ourselves with questions.. In not making acquaintances for the sake of 'contacts' and 'networking', but in building actual friendships that last. True, having acquaintances might help you nail brownie points for a successful business deal, but how many of those acquaintances can you sit down and have hot chocolate with at 1 in the morning.. how many of those can you call at 4am because you need someone to talk to..

Call me naive, but give me one friend instead of ten 'potentially useful' contacts..
Give me question marks instead of answers.. Didn't the great man associated with the brand of computers and phones you use to guide you in your very 'organized lives' once say- Stay hungry. stay foolish? 


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