W(h)ale of a time in Wales

So, this weekend, chance and some amount of luck (and International Society) took me to Conwy and Caenarfon in Wales.. I do not know what it is, but small towns and cities always endear me.. Some sort of unexplained connection..
Walking along the streets of Conwy and Caenarfon, where each building had a charm of its own, unlike the many new building blocks with no sense of personal tie that dot the surface of most cities, including Imphal..
There is just something about the charm of old towns with their years of history that binds you in mystique and appreciation..

Here's a taste of Wales for you :)
Plas Mawr, an Elizabethan era house in Conwy

Winding path in Conwy

By the sea

Caenarfon cityscape


All roads lead to the castle

Doorway to beyond

Sea Gull and the Menai Strait


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