Pointless Ponderings

Oxford road
Today I almost skipped down the road,
After all I had managed to hand in my dissertation,
Course-mates I had never spoken to said 'Hey' to me
A lecturer who taught me for two years even smiled at me,
The sun was shining for a change,
Rain, a common patron in Manchester even eluded the city today

I passed the Edward VII on my way to Tesco,
There he was holding his orb and staring down Oxford Road,
Pigeon shit adorned the crown on his bald head,
I wondered how he felt looking down the busy road,
With pigeons answering their calls of nature on his head,
At his feet sat a woman,
Scribbling away in what looked like a diary.
What was she writing, my curious mind briefly wondered.

A man in fluorescent blue raced past me,
Who jogs at 1 in the afternoon, my brain snickered at him in my head.
Across the road sat the usual drunk man,
Singing songs of Beatles at passer-bys who ignore him.
Inside the pub can be seen a woman,
Whispering words of comfort to a baby.
Right next to this is a bench,
Where seated is a young woman,
Swaying her head to the music which emanates from her phone.

What a wonderful world I live in,
I think.
What a wonderful world.


  1. I found it nice. We are campaigning here in support of Irom Sharmila. I would like to know more about manipur's situations and grass root problems, if it can be available through your blog. however feel free to contact me at ravinitesh@gmail.com. my blog is www.ravinitesh.blogspot.com thanks

  2. Thank you! I will try and come up with a post or two about Manipur.. :)


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