Mr Gordon Ramsay, you need some Manipuri food..

The long break has begun.. And I find myself scouring the horizon, looking for occupants of my time..
Youtube being a sorcerer in concocting entertainment of varying lengths does not disappoint..
I found myself hooked onto 'Gordon's Great Escape' where the world famous British chef Gordon Ramsay travels to remote parts of the world, exploring their cuisines..

A particular episode had me spell bound.. He actually travelled to Nagaland and Assam to taste and learn their style of cooking.. I was a little disappointed that Mr. Gordon did not knock on Manipur's door. I would have certainly liked to know what he made of the Manipuri cuisine..

Talking of which takes me back to my last holidays back home. I vividly remember my father explaining to me why Manipuri cuisine still had to undergo some amount of refinement before it could actually be acceptable to the palates of the Non Manipuris.

Personally I love the quirky style of Manipuri cooking and think it to be up to standards of food served anywhere (Come on, it beats the bland English fish and chips hands down).. But as my worldly wise dad tells me, our food is of too strong a taste and smell beyond acceptability to the average non Manipuri foodie..

Anyhow I still think Ramsay would have appreciated the Manipuri cuisine (he ate a beating heart in Hanoi and did not seem to mind.. and he said he liked the smell and taste of bamboo shoot in food)..

A romantic like me can only dream of a day when people the world over will go ga-ga over the dishes of Manipur like I have been, right?

P.S Due to the laptop screen and blogspot not letting me send  you some Manipuri food to chew on, I am sending along a picture instead, of a Manipuri on his fishing boat.. This was taken in Bishnupur (May 2011)


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