As VJ put it today- It's the end of a chapter.. Almost, that is.. Our three year long journey together- battling the grey skies and rain of Manchester, of bus rides to the city centre, movie watching marathons, intense clan cravings for Ben and Jerry's and Moonlight carrot cakes, Curry mile food, John Rylands (the library which becomes our shrine during our exams days) studying sessions, last minute plans which go more smoothly than the ones which we deliberate and plan for months and months, all that with its commas has been leading on to this.. a full stop.. Reaching Manchester after many a sleepless anxious nights of whether I would fit in here, whether I would find people I like.. all that has all simmered down to three years of being a part of what we call the KOM (Kids of Mice, if you must know).. 

We were named thus by our 'crazy' one, the great Alimushka with all her wacky ideas, for some reason I now forget.. :P 
But if I were to sum up my Manchester experience, I would have to say KOM pretty much formed three quarters of it, if not the whole...

So here's to them, the 'KOM'.. :) And the times we shared..
Rain and Manchester


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