if only people could realise what greatness awaits them,
waits inside them waiting to be unfurled,
like a flag swaying in the breeze with pride.

yet they just lie dormant,
feeling like a pair of unused shoes,
unworn and unwanted.

brush yourselves up,
polish yourselves, shine the buckle,
you are as good as anyone,
up there telling the world what to do.

Delhi, April 2011

you have in you something,that something,
which none in this world does or will ever possess,
you are stronger than you believe yourself to be,
you are brighter than all those you told you 'you can't'
wipe the dust off the surface
find your 'x'
and feel your worth.

you were made to fly,
fly listless of the critics and the cynics..
you were made for much more,
believe that.


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