We will not be here forever,
In this moment, In this setting.
March 2011, Manchester
These memories will gradually be wiped away,
And no trace of it will remain
To remind us of what we used to be.

The countdown ticks away,
Unseen from our eyes.
How I yearn to see,
How many hours, minutes and seconds I have left
Would it change anything?
Would I do anything differently?

Tick tock tick tock,
The number of days keep increasing.
March 2011, Manchester
There are baited breaths,
As people await.
Await to see our miracles.
What are you going to give to this planet?
They all seem to ask.

Pressure builds up gradually,
As time flies.
I find myself foraging,
In the depths of my soul.
Finding the answer to the eternal question,
Why am I here on earth?


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