Hanging by a thread

It has indeed been quite a while since I last wrote something.
Yesterday was really one of the worst days of this new year. The Japan earthquake and tsunami.. Yet another testament to how much we underestimate the power of Nature's fury.. The world watched rather helplessly as Her tsunami literally took the world's third largest economy by storm and swept away in the blink of an eye what it had taken years to build.
We cannot help but be reminded about how fragile how lives really are, and how little we know of this world that we live in.

Picture taken on 9th March 2011 from my room


  1. hey u got a beautiful blog out here! tracked u thru BJ...and reading ur about me (sought of ) and letter to God i somehow could connect to u in a lot of ways :) perhaps if u ll read some of my works u may realize why. nehow, will b hopping here more often! keep blogging :)



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