Friends, Manipuris, Countrymen

Friends, Manipuris, Countrymen.. Lend me your ears..
I come here not to condemn the actions our country has taken over the last few decades, but to share with you my worry..
Having been reading up on adaptation to climate change for some fodder to feed my dissertation, it seems pretty apparent, just how big a leap our country has to take to cross to a more sustainable future. One that does not have buildings and bridges which crumble with a slight breeze killing dozens at a go, but one which can withstand the natural hazards which seem so inevitable, with climate change effects...
Japan was considered one of the most prepared countries for natural disasters, if not the most prepared one- tsunami warning systems, swaying buildings, and what not.. But what happened to it when an 8.9 magnitude earthquake followed by a tsunami hit its North-eastern coast? It demonstrated to us how no matter how much we prepare, it might not be good enough at all..
I shudder to think what would happen if God forbid, such a thing would happen to India. Would we be as prepared as Japan? We already know about the devastation a 6.5 magnitude earthquake did to Bhuj... what would happen in the case of an 8 one? And what about in the event of tsunamis.. India has some of the longest coastlines all exposed to the seas..
Is it not time we did something about this...

Now let it work, Mischief thou art afoot,
Take thou what course thou wilt..

What does the future hold for us, We know not.. But what we can do now, is to prepare for the unknown..
Imphal, 2010


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