With a little help from my friends

I woke up today bitten by the gratitude bug, suddenly realising the value of all those friends who stood by me through thick and thin.. Such moments are rare and spaced out.. and yet when I opened my eyes and looked at my window, I thought of them, the select few who made life so worthwhile and fulfilling.

The kind, who seem so cynical and never say the best things, and yet even in their sarcasm you can feel their love..
The kind always so jovial and cracking jokes, and yet when you seem a little low become sober and nurture you..
The kind with whom friendship is rekindles after long pauses and yet who understand you to your very core..
The kind so serious in everything, so determined, yet in life's race who pause and help you get up when you feel down..
I have been truly blessed. With friends of assorted sizes and kind.. :)

And all I can say to them is,
Through you I have found one of the many reasons to fight,
Fight against the self doubts and pessimism,
Find my way through the grey clouds and troubled waters,
Through your faith in me,
I have found my self worth.
Through the love you shower upon me,
I have found a reason to believe.
Through the good times and the bad,
You have rid me of loneliness.
What could I possibly say,
To thank you all for all that you do.


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