Somehow Somewhere Sometime

 Countless walks we take, Countless stories we share,

Countless memories were created, and hastily stored in an endless memory drive they call the 'mind',

Images gobbled up hungrily, characteristics stored accompanying the name in the mind database,

And yet as days go by, the mind deceptively wipes out the faces,

It deletes the memories slowly and gradually,

Leaving behind only the name,
And the memory of whether or not you were fond of the person,

Is that not what we have most of the times,

Some names, some blurred out faces, faint memories of how the person laughed, how the other person talked, their way of walking, their passions,

And we can only hope- somehow, somewhere, sometime we will meet some of them again.. and be able to retake the picture the mind's database needs, and re-enter all the characteristics. We cannot help but hope.

Note: All pictures used in this post taken in Snowdonia (April 2010)


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