For you, Moo... :]

Ever had a friend you connected with at first sight and with whom the connection stayed for ten decades.

A friend you first met when you were a shy ten year old, away from home for the first time, in a boarding school. Her being a confident and bubbly girl who just about cleaned her locker every day.

She was a hard-worker spending most of her days burrowed in her course books, I a 'happy-go-lucky' soul burrowed in books too, not course books but novels.

Ours was an odd friendship, for there were phases where we barely spoke to each other, mostly during the examination season when 'Garimoo' (for that's her name) would go into hibernation. Only reappearing once a while for some nutrition.

I guess what made us become so close was us being stark opposites. She brought in some element of motivation for me to study, for stress on her part was quite contagious and we all know, stress is the juice we need to make us study. I on my part, I guess, brought in the fun elements. I could swear towards the end, she would spend lesser and lesser time in hibernation. And of course there was a need to constantly remind each other about how awesome the other one was- if she won the Award for Academic excellence, I was there to take her pictures and feel as if I was the one who taught her and helped her win it (Quite the opposite, but ah well).. and if I took some respectable pictures or wrote something quite readable, she was there to tell me how proud she was and feel as if she had taught me to do so..

Together, we were involved in many conspiracies, which I will not mention here. Let's just say we had pretty similiar mindsets and were mostly governed not by our heads, but stomachs. Gluttony being our evil.

Our fights were of an unusual sort too. No matter how angry we would be, no matter what hurtful words we said to each other, at the end of the day we wouldn't be able to stop smiling at each other. So of course we would be friends all over again pretty soon.

Eight years of our lives we spent in a boarding school far away from our homes. 2008 came and cruelly parted us. She went to college in Delhi, I came to Manchester.
Facebook and e-mails were our saving grace, but there is one thing she is awful in- Keeping in touch. So there exists long phases when we do not hear from each other. But inspite of this, she is always at the back of my head, and nothing ever changes for us. I am sometimes scared I take this too much for granted.

Anyhow, I go to Delhi twice a year, and each time, we make it  point to meet. And she is unlike many others that I meet for we never run out of conversations and there is never any awkwardness. We are always bursting with stories to share, jokes to crack. She takes care of me; I remember she used to clean my lockers back in school for I was rather a messy kid (still am), and now when we have to meet, she comes all the way to pick me up..

Such is Garimoo, one of the best friends I have ever had. 24th March 2000 was the first time we met. And our friendship is now a full ten year old child, brimming with confidence, love and trust.

Here's to my 'Moo', my bestie,.. May this journey together never end... :)


  1. This just made me cry!! This is SO TOUCHING!

  2. To be depressed is to be lonely; to have a friend is to be happy. :) treasure that frienship of yours.


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