September 2010, Raichak
I write what I think I have to, When words become almost burdensome in my head. It has to be emptied, but where else to empty but into an endless pit of tangible words. Words that can be touched by you, and understood. Do you not hear a message loud and clear? Maybe this is not the kind you are looking for.. Makes me wonder-What are you looking for?

I know I have found a safe haven, with friends to cherish and love, with a family so embracing. Often I see microscopic cracks. But shut my eyes to them and I am safe again.
Like I am standing on the cliff, loved ones around me. I see you look up. I see you. I reach out for you. Hold my hand, and I will pull you up. Share with you my loved ones, wonderful they are, aren't they. 
What are you afraid of?
Why are you here?

In need of a comforting word or two?
Here's what I have to say..
If in life, you are in need of a friend, look here, look my way.
We may be strangers by some standard, and this barrier of electronics may separate us.
But words have given us solace ever since the beginning of mankind itself,
Why not embrace it.
I will tell you now, Life gets better.
People are never truly lonely,
They just lose their way.
September 2010, Imphal
You will find your way back too,
To the life you have dreamed of
With the people you want to share it with.
You will achieve all that you want, and more
Wait a while longer,
be a little patient.
Whatever is meant to be
Will find its way.
Seize the pain.
And squeeze it out of your life.
Turn your life to the sunshine.
And choose the brighter side.


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