Dancing with squirrels

Manchester 2009
There have been complaints lately, (informal ones of course) about the pessimism which is gradually seeping into my blog. Reading back, I realise it is to an extent justified. So here it comes, a positive blog dedicated to Ratatat(you know who you are)..

Often life gives us reasons to frown.
Often we feel used and underestimated.
Often we whine and mourn.

Often we forget what we have,
Often we feel we deserve more.
Often we want to cry for what we have lost.

Often what needs to be done,
Is for us to open our eyes,
From the dust and mess of our insides.
All we need to do,
Is open our eyes and look outside.
Look at the squirrels in parks,
Carefree and living from one meal to the other.

Look at the sky,
Forever changing colours,
And yet never giving up.
The sky knows too,
There will be the greys and the clouds,
There will be darkness and despair.
And yet after every storm and hurricane,
There will be clear and blue skies,
There will be laughter and cheer.

Who cares what others think,
Often they say what they say,
Because they are barren within,
Let the flower in you blossom,
With blue skies and sunshine.
With the help of knights-in-shining armours.
Lighting up your world with bling.. ;)


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